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Volvo AGM Battery

AGM batteries do not require the addition of water or electrolyte checks, as the design eliminates the need for maintenance associated with fluid levels. They have a different charging profile compared to flooded batteries. AGM batteries generally have a more controlled charging approach.


AGM batteries have several advantages:

  • They are maintenance free.
  • They withstand deep discharges better than "standard" batteries.
  • They can withstand more deep discharge cycles than "standard" batteries. 
  • The battery cells are enclosed, eliminating the risk of electrolyte spillages. 
  • They are charged faster than "standard" batteries.

Part # EP 9F31

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AGM means Absorbent Glass Mat and refers to the fine glass fiber separator between the positive and negative plates that helps absorb all the battery acid. AGM Batteries are advanced lead-acid batteries.
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