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Imagine a truck so extraordinarily comfortable to drive, that at the end of a long workday you feel as relaxed and refreshed as you do on days off. Imagine a ride so smooth, miles of battered pavement pass beneath you unnoticed, vibrations dissolve away and noises from the outside world stay right where they belong.

Imagine a truck so thoughtfully designed it provides you and your family peace of mind, knowing the company that built is it completely obsessed with safety.







Now that you’ve imagined it, perhaps you’d like to drive it?

In this business, it’s not who you know, it’s what you drive.



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Quality Pre-Owned Trucks

At times some of our customers require assistance in the disposal of large lots of older equipment. Expressway has formed partnerships with many of North America's largest used truck distributors. Expressway is also a member in good standing of the North American Used Truck Association as well as the Ontario based Used Car Dealer Association.

Expressways’ used equipment is pre-screened by a UTA certified appraiser and then undergoes a rigorous presale inspection. If any unit is deemed unfit it will not be sold to a retail buyer. All used equipment that passes inspection and is subsequently retailed by Expressway is guaranteed and becomes eligible for additional warranties.

Quality reconditioning is performed by trained technicians using only the finest replacement parts to exceed the highest possible standards of reconditioning. We feature a large inventory of medium duty and Class 8 pre-owned trucks for retail, wholesale and export sales.


Expressway Trucks Financial Services


Expressway Trucks offers in-house Financial Services for customers purchasing new and used trucks and trailers from our dealership. We offer financing through our captive lender Volvo Financial Services for Volvo trucks as well as financing through a variety of other reputable lenders. We strive to find the best solutions for our customers by providing excellent financing options including finance leases and loans with terms that are customized for each individual deal. We are able to assist in finding financing options for all types of customers, everyone from first time owner operators all the way to large established fleets. We make the financing process easy and convenient for our customers. We take the time to understand our customers’ needs and work with lenders who specialize in the transportation industry. We can schedule appointments and complete documentation in-person or online to suit our customer’s busy schedules.


For more information please contact our Finance Manager:

Jessica Figueiredo

P: 1-800-558-7364 Extension 248

E: [email protected]


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