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Exide Premium Xtreme PX-31 925

Comes with a 24-month parts warranty!


Features and benefits:

  • ANCHOR BONDING: Provides superior protection against vibration with premium epoxy flooded bonding that anchors elements to bottom of container.
  • REINFORCED CASE AND COVER: Exceeds the most stringent vibration requirements. Ribbed container offers superior resistance to impact and vibration.
  • WAFFLE BOTTOM: Strengthens case. Reduces stress deformation and resists punctures from stones and foreign objects.
  • POLYETHYLENE SEPARATED PLATES: Virtually eliminates shorts form plate contact and normal material shedding.
  • PATENTED CALCIUM/LEAD ALLOY: Afford maintenance–free performance under normal operating conditions.
  • IN-BOARD LUG DESIGN: Improves resistance to vibration and shortens current path to help increase CCA performance.
  • THREADED POSTS: Allows for easy replacement and exact original equipment fitment.
  • UNIQUE MANIFOLD VENT SYSTEM: Eliminates virtually all corrosion from terminals.
  • EASY INSTALLATION & REMOVAL: Ergonomic suitcase handle folds flush with manifold cover. Thick, robust design features finger notches on the under side of the handle. Case also features side grips.

Part #: EXIPX31925C


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