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Krown Rust Protection and Lubricant

Canada’s #1 Rust Protection in a can! Creates a barrier between metal and surrounding elements that can’t be broken, chipped, or cracked. By staying fluid, this petroleum-based rust protection heals back over after any abrasions providing lasting protection, even in extreme conditions. Featuring inverta-spray technology, this Rust Protection and Lubricant lets you apply the industry-leading rust protection to vehicles, machinery, electrical connections and even hard to reach areas around the home and worksite. 


Automotive Uses:

  • Electrical connections
  • Body panels
  • Spot welds, seams
  • Brake cables, slack adjusters
  • All moving parts
  • Dollie legs, levers
  • Parts storage
  • Almost anything metal that may corrode

Part #: T40, T40-20L


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Automotive Uses
• electrical connections
• body panels
• spot welds, seams
• all moving parts
• brake cables, slack adjusters
• dollie legs, levers
• parts storage
• almost anything metal that may corrode

Home Uses
• vehicles
• watercraft
• snowmobiles & ATVs
• garage door hinges
• trailers
• lights and wiring
• hitches
• hinges, latches & other moving parts
• all farm equipment
• lawnmowers / snow blowers
• barbecues
• trailers / boats
• motors
• electrical parts
• hand tools
• tractors / snowmobile / ATV’s
• full marine use
• virtually anything metal that needs to be protected from rust and / or lubricated
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