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Castrol Fifth Wheel Grease

3 EASY STEPS - No tools needed!

  1. Peel off tab
  2. Grease the 5th wheel
  3. Use end of tube to spread evenly


Castrol Fifth Wheel Grease not only adheres to metal surfaces better than typical greases, it is more economical to use.



Castrol Fifth Wheel Grease is formulated with lubricating solids—such as graphite/moly—and has a high percentage of tackifiers, which help it adhere to metal surfaces and create a protective barrier against wear.



Castrol Fifth Wheel Grease is available in an eight–ounce squeeze tube, which is ideal for one–time application or can be resealed and stored easily for later use. The squeeze tube greatly reduces the chance for over–greasing, which can be both an environmental and safety hazard since excess grease either falls off the unit or is washed away into the environment.


Part #: 55521


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