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No-Spill Oil Drain Plug

Available for Volvo, Mack & Cummins

Drain Hose sold seperately 

  • Straight drainer, LB, 25 cm hose.
  • Fits on the following Volvo engines: F12, D7, D11, D12, D13, D16 .
  • Save money by eliminating common oil drain plug problems such as: stripped threads, frozen plugs, cracked pans, replacing washers, and losing plugs to under-tightening.
  • Save time draining oil. The single-bridge design of our No-Spill™ fittings enables the maximum flow rate for a speedy oil change without having to waste time on a messy cleanup.
  • Drain hot oil safely. No-Spill™ Systems are machined from solid brass, enabling you to handle the drain plug in a hot engine without burning your hands.
  • Eliminate burns to reduce injuries and lost time.
  • Eliminate spills. You can avoid costly fines and cleanup costs for site remediation and environmental damage.

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