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In-House SPIF Services

Our technicians are National Safety Mark Certified.


Expressway Trucks specializes in SPIF (Safe, Productive, Infrastructure-Friendly) self-steering axles and controls. We are National Safety Mark certified and have the training, equipment and experience required to ensure your self-steering lift axles are compliant and perform reliably and safely. Although we do not install lift axles at this time our SPIF services include:

  • ·Control module and hardware installation for factory installed self-steering axles
  • ·Weight testing and control calibration
  • ·Diagnostic and repairs to correct control hardware and software malfunctions
  • ·Mechanical maintenance and repairs for self-steering and non-steering lift axles including suspension, steering mechanisms, brakes, wheel bearings and seals

We work on all makes of commercial heavy trucks and welcome the opportunity to assist you with all of your new installation or in service needs.


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